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President of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology, Dr. Magdy Abdel Hamid, honors Dr. Moussa Nassif with the Role Model Cardiologist Award

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about dr. moussa nassif

Dr. Moussa Nassif

About DR. Moussa nassif

Dr. Moussa Nassif is an interventional cardiologist who graduated from Cairo university medical school of Kasr El Aini in 2004.
He spent 5 years in the united states’ of America where he was ECFMG certified and licensed to practice medicine in USA . He was trained by elite professors of cardiology and cardiothoracic surgeons headed by Dr. O.j chestaine at Good Shepherd hospital in Texas .He returned from USA and joined the Cath lab team at the National Heart Institute.

In 2019 he passed the EAPCI exam in Paris and became officially certified from the European society of cardiology as an interventional cardiologist .
Dr. Moussa Nassif is also a member of the royal college of physicians in London and he has researches in the field of complex heart catheterization using ultrasound guidance to facilitate the access to the heart in which the patient suffer from blockage or narrowing of the peripheral arteries .


Dr. Moussa Nassif is a world class athlete who still represent Egypt in world class competitions . He won a bronze medal in the last modern pentathlon world championship held in Germany.
He was awarded by the Egyptian society of cardiology as a role model cardiologist in 2019.
He is now working on community awareness through seminars and social media platforms regarding the essential role of sport in preventing serious heart conditions .

Online detection

Online examination is a service of medical treatments and consultations on the Internet. We are distinguished by being one of the first in the Arab world to provide this service since 2012 to request many patients of Dr. Musa Nassif in online examination or electronic clinic. We aim to give you safe health care for those who are unable to reach clinics from The governorates of Egypt and around the world, and this examination is done by booking an appointment with the doctor, attaching the necessary medical examinations and files, filling out the registration form, and when setting the appointment, the patient will be provided with the entry data to the electronic clinic page and the examination date.

And the doctor will be communicated with a voice and a picture, and there will also be some medical cases that do not require an examination, and they find embarrassment in talking face to face with the doctor. In this case, they will only have a voice conversation. The doctor may find that the case requires coming to the clinic for a physical examination, but in the end The doctor will do his best to provide a service that satisfies the patient, such as answering an inquiry from the patient or providing a medical prescription suitable for his condition after diagnosing safely via the Internet without making a personal visit with the same medical standards followed in clinics and hospitals.

Patients’ Reviews

nada 7 Years Old Monday, 3 July 2023 12:27 AM

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'A very good doctor The clinic is clinic His staff are very helpful You can reach him anytime on his phone. I strongly recommend him .'

sawsan Tuesday, 20 June 2023 07:50 PM

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'Very good doctor Respectful bedside manners Clean and tidy place Fluent in english doctor I strongly recommend him specially for foreigners You're the best sir '

Ali H Sunday, 28 November 2021 02:33 AM

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' With excellent bedside manners very good doctor A good listener Fluent at English A clean tidy clinic Strict rules and all the patients and nurses are wearing masks Thank you sir🙏🙏🙏 '

Ibraheem I Sunday, 1 August 2021 03:02 PM

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'Very good doctor Excellent bedside manners and fluent English Strict rules against covid Clean clinic and cooperative staff I strongly recommend him for foreign patients.'

Norhan m Sunday, 1 August 2021 03:02 PM

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'Very good doctor Professional , organized and has very good bedside manners. The clinic is clean and the medical assistants Cooperative '

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